Wednesday, 22 July 2015


This is a topic which we hear about as much as we breathe but just as frequently dismiss.
It's easy to say we understand and it's easy to say it's wrong and even easier to drop the thought and continue with your everyday life. Until you become a victim.

You may think your hateful remark targeted at an individual is harmless, right? What is a dig from one person going to do? See your slanderous words as a step, with every venomous word which you spew, another one is added, taking your victim that one step closer to suicide. Believe me when I say a victim of bullying is dead well before their heart physically stops working. I'm not saying you have to love everything and everyone on the planet (although, that would be nice) but just think before you speak.

 I could bet my entire possessions that you could watch a documentary on a murderer who cut a person to pieces and you would be outraged. "How could anyone be so inhuman?" "That is psychotic behaviour" "Who has that in them? I could never do a thing like that!" Wrong. You have it in you. By bullying you gradually take a piece of a once complete individual, until there is nothing left but a strong desire to take their own life.
You pushed them to it. You took away the happiness in their heart. You murdered them.

I suppose you could link this to a game of hangman. I'm sure you're familiar with it. An innocent game,  right? In your opinion, like bullying, it's just a bit of fun; but, from another perspective it shows us that just by saying the wrong things, you have the potential to end a life.

Bullying is something which I really stand against and have no shame in voicing my views on or supporting others. If you're reading this and have experienced, or is currently experiencing bullying feel free to contact me about any concern or just for a friendly chat. I understand first hand how difficult it can be but there's people who care and people who love you. I, personally, have a great love for people naturally so I'd feel more than happy listening to you.

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Demi-Rae x

Results Day

It's approaching that dreaded time of the year - results day.

I, myself, have recently just finished secondary school, or, if you're in America, college? 6th grade? ( As you can tell, I haven't got the slightest idea so praise the lord I didn't sit an exam based on the education system in America )

Now, It may feel as if your life is destined for failure if you don't get that grade. That the world will stop moving, the sun will explode, the oceans will sweep you away, you'll never see another penny for as long as you may live etc. etc. You catch my drift. However, as long as you tried your best ( you should have, anyway ) feel proud and remember this is a certificate with a couple of grades on;this sheet of paper does not resemble you as a person or make you any better or any worse than anybody else. The worst thing you could do if things don't go the way you hoped is to compare your results with everybody else. NO, NO AND NO. You are YOU. You are different. Who knows, the person you're comparing with, who has those higher grades, may have been revising before having an early night whilst you had to babysit, be a carer to a sick family member, balance all of these responsibilities on top of your exams. The situation isn't ideal, but I understand and at the same time you should still credit yourself for being quite the fighter and getting through your exams regardless.

You may not be an A* in history, mathematics or science but that doesn't make you a failure of a human being. Remember that.

Best of luck and well done whatever the outcome.

 Demi-Rae x